Genesis #3 – Magnetic Fields

The Genesis series is playing with layers of reality, with combined lines and grid to approach the invisible structure of our world and consciousness. With greys, blacks and whites, Genesis #3 (Magnetic Fields) looks like a draft of our universe, drawn by a careless divinity at the back of an envelope. Category Acrylic painting Subject... Continue Reading →


Genesis #2 – Magnetic Fields

Genesis #2 plays with the structural vision of space and virtual reality - the grid, the matrix - and tries to escape from it. Working with layers, thickness of paint and masking tape, I managed to reinstall the black structure at the back of the piece when it, apparently, sits on top, as a replication... Continue Reading →

Quand ça veut pas…

Today has been one of those days. You've hardly slept because the idea that came to you the night before was haunting you, so you get up early, have a coffee, double check that your idea is still worth working on it (yes, I guess), and then wait hours until the first shop selling the... Continue Reading →

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