You’ll never walk alone

A vibrant, textured and slightly translucid layer of acrylic paint covering an original LP by Elvis Presley, like a shiny armour of dreams covering the memory shared by the whole world. Category Acrylic painting Subject Abstract and non-figurative Substrate Other Materials Acrylic on original Record by Elvis Presley Style Abstract > Organic Dimensions 30 x... Continue Reading →



'Somewhere' is part of a very distinctive series of paintings on records. As you probably know by now, I am slightly obsessed bu records as a medium and after having explored screenprinting on records, I decided to create unique pieces using paint. I have covered my entire studio with vinyls, acrylic, medium of various kinds,... Continue Reading →

Let the Music Play, screenprint on paper

'Let the Music Play', variation on the David Bowie theme - The re-edition of the mythic album that became symbol of a generation converted into a mute piece, but the message is intact. Category Screenprint Subject Abstract and non-figurative Substrate Paper Materials Acrylic on Paper Style Urban and Pop Dimensions 50 x 50 cm (unframed)... Continue Reading →

It’s (not) only Rock’n’Roll

The Rock Legends are not only built around their music. The imagery, the iconography are a major part in what makes them, and why they stick around. I like to reunite both the imagery and the music. And most of all, I like that the print hides the original message. It's there, available, but hidden.... Continue Reading →

And the name of the new series is…

I have started working on the new series since I arrived in Berlin and joined the Berlin Art Institute. I've made attempts, mistakes, cool stuff and rubbish ones to arrive to the final concept of the new series, 'RESONANCE'. RESONANCE is a series directly inspired by the graphic work on vinyl sleeves, abstracting the original... Continue Reading →

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