Shadow Hunting, and the Monochrome series…

I am really into my collages at the moment, and I find myself chasing shadows and compositions everywhere I can think of. At the moment, with all the degree shows happening all over London, I couldn't be happier! So much shapes, reflections, perspective, what a treat! Follow me on Instagram to see my shadowhunting adventures!... Continue Reading →


'Somewhere' is part of a very distinctive series of paintings on records. As you probably know by now, I am slightly obsessed bu records as a medium and after having explored screenprinting on records, I decided to create unique pieces using paint. I have covered my entire studio with vinyls, acrylic, medium of various kinds,... Continue Reading →

Resonance #2 – DTY_WORK

DTY WORK is an abstract lecture of the very well know album cover 'Dirty Work' by the Rolling Stones. By simplifying to an extreme the design and the way colour work together, I try to get back to the origin of what makes a good piece of design. DTY WORK has been painted on 49... Continue Reading →

Battersea Power Station

With my latest series of prints, I have been trying to get away from the flatness and clean edges usually going with the technique of screenprinting. I order to create a more painterly, richer image, I have completely changed the way I create the artwork: leaving the computer away, I started painting on large sheets... Continue Reading →

Ashes 2 Ashes

Playing with negatives, with similitudes and complementarity, 'Ashes' gives your space a warm, modern feel. Due to its engaging nature, it would suit perfectly well in a large area like highmarket modern interior, luxurious offices, or hotel reception. Acrylic on Canvas, 110x160cm. (each piece)

Abstract #24

Abstract #24 is part of the series nicknamed 'kitchen roll' because I'm using only tools that are not made for painting: bits and bobs, and a lot of kitchen rolls... For Abstract #24, I use a special additive that is usually reserved for printing on fabric, called 'Puff' additive. The Puff additive, once heated, gives... Continue Reading →

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