Stereochrome – the collage series to be ‘outed’ on Thursday

You have seen them in the making, then almost finished, and today I am proudly announcing that STEREOCHROME, the series of collages will be displayed for the first time at the Take Courage Gallery, New Cross, London this week end! And I am also delighted that the show will raise money for SHELTER, the well... Continue Reading →


'Somewhere' is part of a very distinctive series of paintings on records. As you probably know by now, I am slightly obsessed bu records as a medium and after having explored screenprinting on records, I decided to create unique pieces using paint. I have covered my entire studio with vinyls, acrylic, medium of various kinds,... Continue Reading →

Genesis #3 – Magnetic Fields

The Genesis series is playing with layers of reality, with combined lines and grid to approach the invisible structure of our world and consciousness. With greys, blacks and whites, Genesis #3 (Magnetic Fields) looks like a draft of our universe, drawn by a careless divinity at the back of an envelope. Category Acrylic painting Subject... Continue Reading →

Genesis #2 – Magnetic Fields

Genesis #2 plays with the structural vision of space and virtual reality - the grid, the matrix - and tries to escape from it. Working with layers, thickness of paint and masking tape, I managed to reinstall the black structure at the back of the piece when it, apparently, sits on top, as a replication... Continue Reading →

Resonance #2 – DTY_WORK

DTY WORK is an abstract lecture of the very well know album cover 'Dirty Work' by the Rolling Stones. By simplifying to an extreme the design and the way colour work together, I try to get back to the origin of what makes a good piece of design. DTY WORK has been painted on 49... Continue Reading →

Abstract #24

Abstract #24 is part of the series nicknamed 'kitchen roll' because I'm using only tools that are not made for painting: bits and bobs, and a lot of kitchen rolls... For Abstract #24, I use a special additive that is usually reserved for printing on fabric, called 'Puff' additive. The Puff additive, once heated, gives... Continue Reading →

Yellow 21, screenprint on paper

I have been obsessed by this design for quite a while. Simple shapes, bright yellow against almost translucent warm grey, the tension in the line. I have experimented on canvas, ('i', the painting version of Yellow 21 is available on this site) but I really wanted to see the result as a print, with flat,... Continue Reading →

And the name of the new series is…

I have started working on the new series since I arrived in Berlin and joined the Berlin Art Institute. I've made attempts, mistakes, cool stuff and rubbish ones to arrive to the final concept of the new series, 'RESONANCE'. RESONANCE is a series directly inspired by the graphic work on vinyl sleeves, abstracting the original... Continue Reading →

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