Stereochrome – the collage series to be ‘outed’ on Thursday

You have seen them in the making, then almost finished, and today I am proudly announcing that STEREOCHROME, the series of collages will be displayed for the first time at the Take Courage Gallery, New Cross, London this week end! And I am also delighted that the show will raise money for SHELTER, the well... Continue Reading →

Pure #29

While experimenting for the 'Ultimate', final piece for the Bowie series, I came up with several versions of the design, inspired by the famous David Bowie's outfit. 'Pure' is my selection of the very best ones. Pure #29 and 31 play with what we call 'misregistration' (layers are purposely misaligned to create energy and movement).... Continue Reading →

Only Human (ii)

Only Human (ii) is part of a series of 8 paintings on paper, each of them exploring the capacity for each and every human to be at the same time unique and similar to their specie, build around the exact same 4 DNA bases. In "Only Human', the 4 bases are : a grey background,... Continue Reading →

Abstract #35

Abstract #35 Straight and rough. Light and dark. The whole piece is build layer after layer to give that sense of deepness, texture and light. Category Acrylic painting Subject Abstract and non-figurative Substrate Panel / Board / MDF Materials MDF 9mm Style Abstract > Geometric Dimensions 60 x 60 x 0.9 cm (unframed) / 60... Continue Reading →

“Kitchen Roll” Abstracts?

I probably won't actually call the series 'Kitchen Roll Abstracts", but I thought it was giving a good idea of what I am trying to achieve with this new series: creating paintings with stuff you're not supposed to paint with. So I went through the studio and its surroundings and grabbed everything I could find.... Continue Reading →

New Studio, New Ideas!

3-2-1-Go! As you know, I have spent the last 2 weeks converting an old open space into a new creative hub... Or a least a cool studio, to get more stuff onto! My last two weeks in a blink of an eye: Cool or what? đŸ˜‰ And to celebrate the new studio, new ideas... Continue Reading →

New studio? Yep, almost ready!

In between two coats of paint, I finally take some time to sit down and get something important done: updating you guys! Since the Berlin Residency is over, I didn't take much time to post, but I have a good(ish) reason for that: I have been looking for a new studio to complete the Resonance... Continue Reading →

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