You’ll never walk alone

A vibrant, textured and slightly translucid layer of acrylic paint covering an original LP by Elvis Presley, like a shiny armour of dreams covering the memory shared by the whole world. Category Acrylic painting Subject Abstract and non-figurative Substrate Other Materials Acrylic on original Record by Elvis Presley Style Abstract > Organic Dimensions 30 x... Continue Reading →


'Somewhere' is part of a very distinctive series of paintings on records. As you probably know by now, I am slightly obsessed bu records as a medium and after having explored screenprinting on records, I decided to create unique pieces using paint. I have covered my entire studio with vinyls, acrylic, medium of various kinds,... Continue Reading →

Statics, screenprint on vinyl

'Statics' is a unique screenprinting on Vinyl. 'Statics' explores the intrinsic rhythm of music from a visual perspective. Records have been printed with the same series of lines, just like the lines of a score sheet, but combined all together they produce a new piece of visual music. Category Monoprint Subject Abstract and non-figurative Substrate... Continue Reading →

It’s (not) only Rock’n’Roll

The Rock Legends are not only built around their music. The imagery, the iconography are a major part in what makes them, and why they stick around. I like to reunite both the imagery and the music. And most of all, I like that the print hides the original message. It's there, available, but hidden.... Continue Reading →

Amy, Screenprint on Vinyl

With just a few lines, I tried to capture the essence of Amy Winehouse: the brightest and the darkest sides of a genius. Minimalist, excitingly simple, 'Amy' is a symbol of that strange, intangible mix that makes music an art. Category Screenprint Subject People and portraits Substrate Other Materials Acrylic on Vinyl Style Abstract >... Continue Reading →

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