The Theory of (almost) everything Volume 2

While working on a project where intricate lines played such a big role that I had to plan it all very carefully in advance, I suddenly stepped back and found that the structure on the wall was indeed a much more powerful design than the one I originaly imagined. 'The Theory of (almost) everything' is... Continue Reading →

Statics, screenprint on vinyl

'Statics' is a unique screenprinting on Vinyl. 'Statics' explores the intrinsic rhythm of music from a visual perspective. Records have been printed with the same series of lines, just like the lines of a score sheet, but combined all together they produce a new piece of visual music. Category Monoprint Subject Abstract and non-figurative Substrate... Continue Reading →

Resonance #5 – HOT_SPACE

HOT_SPACE flirts with Pop art, modernism, abstract, and cubism by extracting from Queen's famous album cover 'Hot Space' only the essential composition. The simple - simplistic - shapes are enhanced by the paint work, and the subtile volume. Painted on 4 squares of acrylic, the piece will fit perfectly a modern or classic environment. Category... Continue Reading →

Genesis #3 – Magnetic Fields

The Genesis series is playing with layers of reality, with combined lines and grid to approach the invisible structure of our world and consciousness. With greys, blacks and whites, Genesis #3 (Magnetic Fields) looks like a draft of our universe, drawn by a careless divinity at the back of an envelope. Category Acrylic painting Subject... Continue Reading →

Ashes 2 Ashes

Playing with negatives, with similitudes and complementarity, 'Ashes' gives your space a warm, modern feel. Due to its engaging nature, it would suit perfectly well in a large area like highmarket modern interior, luxurious offices, or hotel reception. Acrylic on Canvas, 110x160cm. (each piece)

All we know

Behind the heavy texture and the almost straight lines lies the Knowledge. The logical explanation to everything. Magical and futuristic, 'All we know' is a large piece that would suit any modern, brut interior. Category Acrylic painting Subject Abstract and non-figurative Substrate Canvas Materials Acrylic on Canvas Style Abstract > Geometric Dimensions 140 x 140... Continue Reading →

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