Battersea Power Station

With my latest series of prints, I have been trying to get away from the flatness and clean edges usually going with the technique of screenprinting. I order to create a more painterly, richer image, I have completely changed the way I create the artwork: leaving the computer away, I started painting on large sheets of paper, with big brushes and being very careful to be careless… I am not mixing colour, but working with one colour after the other, on top of each other. Once I’m done with one, I take a snap. This allows me to reproduce the looseness, and keep the energy on the final print.
Once in the printroom, I also play with thickness, transparency and density of the ink, with semi blocked screens and slight misregistration to get a more painterly final product. See on Artfinder

/!\ WARNING – due to the technique, the thickness and opacity of the inks (especially of the dark colours), final result may vary slightly from the image.

Category Screenprint
Subject Landscapes, sea and sky
Substrate Paper
Materials Acrylic and pencil on paper 210g
Style Urban and Pop
Dimensions 52 x 65 x 0.1 cm (unframed) / 43 x 43 cm (actual image size)
Edition size Limited edition of 16
Framing This artwork is sold unframed



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