Murals, London vs Berlin: who does it best?

If you’ve ever been to Berlin, no doubt you will have noticed that the city is literally covered in (more or less) successful murals. Works by Blu, JR, Victor Ash or Various&Gould are inspirational, and lighten up a city scarred by an ongoing war against the past.

In London, murals are fewer (due to regulations, historical buildings and other reasons) but they are, usually, of a fairly good quality.

So who does it best? Is Urban Art a Germany thing or do the British do well enough? Here is my top 10 in the London vs Berlin Mural Match:


Murals – London vs Berlin

#10 for Best Murals in Berlin

Mural by Os Gemeos

Mural by Os Gêmeos – Schlesisches Tor/Oppelner Strasse (Berlin)
Image: Hendrik Hansson

#10 for Best murals in London

Mural by Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils) London Berlin who does murals best blog article by Francois Domain

Mural by Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils) – Leake Street Tunnel (behind Waterloo Station)

Which one is your favorite? Comment “Berlin” or “London” to vote!

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