New Studio, New Ideas!


As you know, I have spent the last 2 weeks converting an old open space into a new creative hub… Or a least a cool studio, to get more stuff onto!

My last two weeks in a blink of an eye:


Cool or what? 😉

And to celebrate the new studio, new ideas knocked on the door… In the most unexpected way…

It’s a bank holiday weekend, usually not so busy art wise, right. Perfect day to go and see the new ‘Matisse in the Studio‘ at the Royal Academy. Quick look at the shop before climbing the stairs to the exhibition, my partner looking (and commenting – a lot!) at one of the Hockney giant books, flipping through the pages until something caught my eye… Mm. Not sure I should confess that what actually grabbed my attention was the colour of the end paper. A vivid, deep, glowing yellow with a bit of the white cover overlapping. I couldn’t resist but took a picture:


Oh I know what you think… But once home, with the help of my best friend Photoshop I created the first piece of a potentially interesting new series… Can’t wait to start printing!

Stay tuned!


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