Quand ça veut pas…

Today has been one of those days. You've hardly slept because the idea that came to you the night before was haunting you, so you get up early, have a coffee, double check that your idea is still worth working on it (yes, I guess), and then wait hours until the first shop selling the... Continue Reading →


Busy week end in Berlin, and not a word about the elections.

Usually, a busy week end in Berlin involved clubbing, drinking, and many other things to enjoy when you're single - or pretend to be. In my case, the last few days have been a bit different, including mainly visiting galleries and project spaces, and finally achieving my first piece ever made in Berlin (yeah!). #1... Continue Reading →

Lines, Dots, and a Queen.

I can hardly believe that my plane landed in Berlin only 9 days ago. You certainly know the feeling, when time becomes irrelevant, when you can't be sure if you've been here forever or if you just arrived. The CitySkins projects is packed up - I am now looking forward to the inauguration -, my... Continue Reading →

When Berlin feels like London…

Since I arrived in Berlin, I've been pretty lucky about the weather. Unfortunately it seems like the Weather's Gods decided that enough is enough after all they had to work on the 1st of May so they deserved a day off. That was today. And if the cold, sticky rain was not enough, workers has... Continue Reading →

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