How a Bank and a Cubicle both became Galleries…


The Haus

the haus fotos (38)

If the story of ‘the Haus’ is not that uncommon in Berlin, the overwhelming success it had is. But what on earth is The Haus? That’s what it is:

“_THE HAUS – Created to be destroyed

Dope, brilliant, fresh and bizarre art concepts from various artists in an abandoned bank building on one of Berlin’s most famous streets: the Kudamm. That’s the idea behind THE HAUS, the Berlin Art Bang, that is going to blow our minds from April 2017 – even that much that Berlins Senator of Culture and Europe, Dr. Klaus Lederer, took this project under his aegis. The uniqueness of THE HAUS isn’t in the simple fact of its existing, but the limitation. THE HAUS will be created to be destroyed.”

150 artists, from all over the world, huge stars of the street/urban art scene took over an old bank and converted every inch square into an art piece, including the loos, the corridors, absolutely everything.

Is it wonderful? Incredible? Astonishing? It’s a bit of all of that packaged in a firework of colours, lights, sounds and illusions.

The Haus is, temporary exhibition created with the help of the developer who will carry away the demolishment, is to remain temporary in your mind as well. So you’re given an opaque plastic bag to put your phone in, seale it, and enjoy the art through your eyes, not your lens.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. I arrived at the Haus at 9:00, for an opening at 10:00. I found something like 500 people already waiting. It took me 5 hours to get in. FIVE. BLOODY. HOURS.

Worth it? Yes. Absolutely. It’s just an opportunity that will never ever happen again. By Wednesday, the Haus will not be anymore.

Check the presskit and a few photos here

Red Cube Gallery

It wouldn’t take you as long to enter the ‘Do not Enter the Exhibition’ exhibition at the Red Block Gallery, but you would easily spend the same 5 hours chatting away with the seriously nice bunch of people who put together the temporary Red Block Gallery as a protest to the closure of the KunstHaus Landsberger Allee 54, a huge building which used to be the home of dozens and dozens of artists. Bought by an investor who lost interest in the site, the KunstHaus is completely deserted, when so many artists can’t afford to rent a studio anywhere in Berlin.

That’s how and why the LA54 gang decided to open the temporary gallery right in front of the abandoned Art Center. A couple of Cubicle walls (here we are) painted in Red, a few lamps on battery, a homemade sign to attract the attention and the Red Block Gallery was up and running, showing two artist per day from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

When I read about the project, I got quite interested and contacted Gustav to find out how I could support the project, and we decided to showcase ‘DTY_WORK, Resonance #3’ for a day.

It wasn’t packed (can’t expect much of a Sunday in Friedrichshain) but we had a great time and meeting Gustav, Alice Morey (who I shared the space with) and John Power was priceless:

(Gustav, left – and Alice (on Gustav), right)

Learn more and practice your German here (Google translate allowed) or on the website of the la54


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