And the name of the new series is…

I have started working on the new series since I arrived in Berlin and joined the Berlin Art Institute. I’ve made attempts, mistakes, cool stuff and rubbish ones to arrive to the final concept of the new series, ‘RESONANCE’.


RESONANCE is a series directly inspired by the graphic work on vinyl sleeves, abstracting the original design until it’s hardly recognisable but ‘resonates’, triggers something at the back of your mind: ‘I’ve already seen something like that…’. Hopefully, some of you might even start humming the tune it relates to, not really knowing why.

The terminology used to explain RESONANCE is the same as used in music production:

  • the Demo: a temporary non commercial large piece, offered on a public display using techniques and mediums that make it uncommercialisable (yep, I just made up that word). For example, the first Demos are on wallpaper and will be pasted on Berlin’s walls from where they can’t be taken off in one single piece.
  • the Master: unique piece, on any medium, using any technique (except for photography or video).
  • the Copies: Limited editions Screenprints derived from the Master.

You’ve already seen some of them but just for the purpose of illustration:

PNK PRINT – the Demo:

FullSizeRender 13

DTY WORK – the Master:


99 LFB – The Copies (mockup)


So watch the space, and watch Berlin’s walls as they’re about to be covered in Visual Sounds…

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