The day everything fell into place.

Finally, I had my quiet(ish) day. Not that I always like them, I’d rather run around like a mad man and do stuff, but sometimes I guess it’s ok to calm down a bit. So I spent the whole day in my studio, working on the project I can’t (don’t want to yet) talk about. I am actually quite tempted to call the series ‘The project I can’t talk about’, or ‘I can’t talk about it’ – what do you think?

Actually, you can check on Instagram @flefclub I couldn’t resist to post a first picture… (That’s not talking, is it?)

So I used everything I learned since I’m with the b.a.i., everything I grabbed from my experience with Various and Gould, everything I struggled with when doing the workshop with the street artist, and bits and pieces I knew before.

For the first time, when I was working on the big piece, I felt confident. Not sure it’s a good sign, is it?

‘Dirty Work’ selected to feature in the Red Block Gallery!

Exciting, isn’t it? do20not20enter20this20exhibition20420deu
‘The LA 54 art association continues to be determined to put the disused buildings that make up Landsberger Allee 54 to good and meaningful use. To this effect, we are now preparing an exhibition/intervention/action in front of the building to highlight the absurd difficulties that we have had to contend with for so long and force the current owners and political players to show their true hands.’

It’s on from the 25th of May, and ‘Dirty Work will appear on the 28th (if the exhibition is still tolerated on the street!)

(Featured image is step 1 of the ‘project I can’t talk about’)

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