How I missed Pictoplasma, and how Pictoplasma missed everything else.

As everybody most people artists we know, Pictoplasma has been around for a few years now, and there is no need to introduce it. Or is there?

The thing is, after the heavy brainstorm at the b.a.i. last Thursday, I had other things in mind. Like finding the perfect location for my next piece. And that implied putting on my trainers and running around the city like a chicken on amphetamines.

Trying to be clever and organised, I booked a ‘Street Art & Urban Art tour’, typical tourist attraction but not everything made for tourists is bad. Sometimes it’s worse. A really cool guy dragged us around Kreuzberg, showed us a couple of murals, a few more graffitis, told us a-million-times-repeated jokes (but quite funny anyway) and we ended up in his studio, playing with spray pain. Cool if you’re really bored during the week end, less cool if you were really expecting to learn/find/build something. So I took a revenge and spent the whole of Saturday and Sunday running project spaces, open air exhibitions, dumps, studios, and everything interesting I could find on the way.

From SOX, the gallery with no door (top left) to the Museum of Things (right), or the DAAD Gallery (btw left), I got surprised by every single door I pushed (well, the image doesn’t work really well for SOX, does it). If I did find a spot for my next piece, well, I’m not going to tell you just yet.

But my week end wouldn’t have been the same without a visit to the KUNSTRAUM on Mariannenplatz:

If I am not a Michael Jackson addict, I have anyway been incredibly touched by the piece called ‘Michael’, by Abel Abidin – some incredible post mortem interview of Michael Jackson back on earth. Not only the message is extremely strong – and current – but the directing is very very clever, presenting a gigantic crowd in Times Square watching the interview ‘life’ was genius.
On a more terrestrial dimension, Annika Fajersson (top right) and Jan Bertil Andersson (bottom) showed their incomparable skills in various superb pieces, and I couldn’t recommend you more to visit the show.

But scouting the city like a lunatic, obviously, my path crosses the PictoPlasma Festival’s. I didn’t see much of it, but just popping into spaces with the bright red sign was even more rewarding because I didn’t know what to expect. And sometimes a window just catches you eye. That’s what happened with the pop up gallery PopTales, I was passing by and suddenly immersed in a magical world or mystical creatures and futuristic characters. I’ve been lucky enough to catch up with a couple of the exhibited artists, all just like their pieces: colourful, bright, surprising. It’s also at PopTales that I’ve heard about an opening… And you know how I love these! So here I was, on my way to ‘Graumalerei‘ for the show ‘Goats of Quiet Disappointment’ by Anna Benner. That’s what is really cool in Berlin: anyone can open a small gallery anywhere, and people will come. The private view was absolutely packed, and we ended up on the street, chatting away in German, French or English, drinking wine in plastic goblets, and having a good laugh in the setting sun. My two artistic crushed for the evening were without a doubt:  Jaen (über nice guy, super talented) and Melanie Mussegg (super charming lady, I fell in love with her piece!), and not to forget Anna Benner, congrats for the show!

(Jaen, left – Melanie Mussegg, right)


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