Quand ça veut pas…

Today has been one of those days. You’ve hardly slept because the idea that came to you the night before was haunting you, so you get up early, have a coffee, double check that your idea is still worth working on it (yes, I guess), and then wait hours until the first shop selling the mini-cavenas you need opens. Mm. At that stage, I should have figured out the day wouldn’t be that good.

Miserable weather. The rain is so thin that it goes all over you like a damp film, clinging onto your clothes, your skin, coming back from under your umbrella. London could be jealous. Finally got on a train, and a few stops later, rain became mist. Mist! What the hell! We’re in the middle of Berlin, on the 8th of May, and there is Mist!

Got tot the shop. Found the canevas, but not the paint. Obviously. Another train, another tram, another bus, and I managed not to fall asleep, not sure how. Yeah, as you have guessed, the excitement about the new piece was falling into bits.

Got to the b.a.i., not a soul, as usual. Turned on some depressing music and started planning my work. At first, it was ok.

Material ready, designs traced on every single one of the 49 pieces of canvas, colours mixed. Let’s paint!


Looking good!

Mm. Not so sure… Actually, when looking closer, you can really see the ‘Y’, the ‘R’ and the ‘O’ under the pain, codes I used to remember what parts to paint (Dooh). Not good. More paint? Same result. More more paint? Ugly.

Ok! Not to worry, I’ve got my new best friend: the Gesso! Let’s put a coat of white and start again.


Yeah. Right. That’s when I decided to throw everything away and go to the gym. And guess what? I arrived a single minute late for the class! (Yep, they are really into their punctuality, the Germans!) I pretended to work out anyway for five minutes, couldn’t even face a sauna, then headed off to my first German lesson. Exciting? Mm. What can I say… Oh yes, it’s all coming back to me now : ‘No’.

Damn. I wish I could put a coat of white on that day and start again!


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