Busy week end in Berlin, and not a word about the elections.

Usually, a busy week end in Berlin involved clubbing, drinking, and many other things to enjoy when you’re single – or pretend to be. In my case, the last few days have been a bit different, including mainly visiting galleries and project spaces, and finally achieving my first piece ever made in Berlin (yeah!).

#1 (in order of appearance) Controlled Fantasy by özgür erkök moroder at Apartment Project Berlin


The show could be summarised by the title of the piece on the invite: ‘all the sounds of pain and pleasure’, but exploring the show was nothing but pleasure. Displayed just like I can imagine the artist’s studio – organised mess and outburst of creativity exploding on sheets of paper over the walls , the ceiling and the floor – Controlled Fantasy drives you deep into your own darkest, intimate secrets and makes you feel good about it. Do not miss the video in the bathtub, it’s a masterpiece! (You can actually listen to ‘Worse’, the soundtrack of the video here:


Get to know özgür erkök moroder via his blog

#2 ComicsInvasion at UrbanSpree


I’m not into comics. Ok, I can hear your already: ‘wtf, why on earth did you go then, the title was not clear enough?!’ Yes it was, but UrbanSpree being the place to be when you want to know more about the Urban Art in Berlin, I decided to go anyway.

If the show seemed to satisfy all the attending comics lovers (and believe me they were masses!), I was more interested in the atmosphere and the setup of the gallery & artist studios. Yes, I was slightly hoping I could have a look at any of the studios but no, no way. Damn. So I had to have a beer, more food and wander around fo a bit, and I have to say that an hour later, I was just like everybody else, reading comics and enjoying it a lot…

You missed? Too bad, the show is over. Next time, check out Urban Spree’s website to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

#3 1000 in Berlin by Jan Rickers & Per Schumann at the Kreuzberg Pavillon

I’ve been introduced the Kreuzberg Pavillon as an exciting place, where the most unexpected shows happen. It’s a place where artists from across the board can exhibit in a weekly show, the only condition you have to fulfil is following the rules of the open call. This usually results in an imaginative work, playing with boundaries of contemporary art.

This week end was quite different. They opened with a solo show (it hardly ever happens), and the crowd I expected probably came later. The good thing is I managed to have a bit of a chat with the artist, and learn more about the project: founded with a successful Kickstarter campaign, ‘1000 in Berlin’ captures the soul of 1000 random people living or visiting Berlin. Some happened to be famous, most are not. I have been looking for the right word to describe the work and actually the only one I can come up with is ‘human’. Check out the website

#4 ‘It doesn’t matter to him’ at the b.a.i.

Ok, no that’s not a show but that’s the first piece I ever finished in Berlin… It’s a piece about how every single human being wants to be different, but ends up in the same places, doing the same things and behaving in the same way. And ‘he’ (you, me, anyone) don’t really care in the end. Quick video of the making of? Here it is!


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