Lines, Dots, and a Queen.

I can hardly believe that my plane landed in Berlin only 9 days ago. You certainly know the feeling, when time becomes irrelevant, when you can’t be sure if you’ve been here forever or if you just arrived. The CitySkins projects is packed up – I am now looking forward to the inauguration -, my increasingly messy list of contacts and places to visit has been tidied up yesterday, so it’s time to start working on my own projects.

You know my obsession with Identity & Design in Music. So the first piece I wanted to work on was inspired by the very strong design of an album cover (no I’m not gonna tell you which one yet), completely abstracted. The first thing I needed was a grid of 1.50m2 divided into 400 blocks… Can I just thank my cousin who taught me how to create a ceiling from scratch? Yes, I used the exact same technique…


And then, with a lot of patience, placed each one of the 132 circles that will compose the piece.

I got bored of it really quickly. When it’s trying to be clever, art can become pointless. But it’s always when you start doing something repetitive that you brain start working on its own.

At the back of my head, something was happening. From a picture I saw during the discussion in the morning. A picture of Nefertiti.

After a couple of hours of dotting and lining and crayoning, I dropped pen and ruler  and opened Photoshop.

A beautiful mistake happened.


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