When Berlin feels like London…

Since I arrived in Berlin, I’ve been pretty lucky about the weather. Unfortunately it seems like the Weather’s Gods decided that enough is enough after all they had to work on the 1st of May so they deserved a day off. That was today. And if the cold, sticky rain was not enough, workers has attacked to remove from Alexanderplatz the temporary market (which looked exactly like the Xmas market) and give to the Platz it’s gloomy, concrete-grey colour and its fountain.  As if we didn’t have enough water.

beforeafter(Before (left) – After (right). I case you didn’t figure it out.)

I’ve been so incredibly tired today, after the excitation of CitySkins that I never really managed to wake up. Very interesting exchange at the BAI with my fellow students (well, some of them… less and less every day) and Ralf & Caroline, the tutors.

Just a few links for you to check when you got a moment if you are interested in Urban Art (and I hope do because I’m going to talk about it non stop from now on):

Neurotitan Gallery
 ZKU Berlin
Urban Nation
Boros Collection
Urban Spree

And if you ever come to Berlin and want to have a proper workout (yes, it finally managed to wake me up, at 7:00pm, not bad), seriously, have a go at Les Mills BodyCombat at SuperFit… 50 minutes of pain/blood/sweat but that’s f***ing awesome!

Tschüß for today!


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