How a Bank and a Cubicle both became Galleries…

  The Haus If the story of 'the Haus' is not that uncommon in Berlin, the overwhelming success it had is. But what on earth is The Haus? That's what it is: "_THE HAUS – Created to be destroyed Dope, brilliant, fresh and bizarre art concepts from various artists in an abandoned bank building on... Continue Reading →

And the name of the new series is…

I have started working on the new series since I arrived in Berlin and joined the Berlin Art Institute. I've made attempts, mistakes, cool stuff and rubbish ones to arrive to the final concept of the new series, 'RESONANCE'. RESONANCE is a series directly inspired by the graphic work on vinyl sleeves, abstracting the original... Continue Reading →

The day I can’t talk about.

That's quite a challenge: I am supposed to write about a day I can't tell you much about. Why? Because we're only fine tuning the idea of a big project, and as could be very interesting (in all senses possible), I don't want to spill the beans too early. What I could tell you anyway, is... Continue Reading →

Oil Painting: my next move?

I there is something I swear I never ever even thought of trying, it's oil painting. I feel like it's not for me. You need serious drawing skills, an very acute eye for colours, and a lot of patience. Not my thing. But as part of the course at the B.A.I., we had a basic introduction... Continue Reading →

Quand ça veut pas…

Today has been one of those days. You've hardly slept because the idea that came to you the night before was haunting you, so you get up early, have a coffee, double check that your idea is still worth working on it (yes, I guess), and then wait hours until the first shop selling the... Continue Reading →

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