April 26th, 5:10am

Taxi, train, plane, train and taxi. That’s how it usually goes when you go travelling. It’s some kind of rule, set in stone, and it’s a rule I followed today. It’s Wednesday 26th of April, it’s 5:10 and I’m on step 2.

There is another rule: every time you leave your home for longer than a couple of weeks, your guts react and cry out loud that it might be the trip of your lifetime. It rarely is, and the trip I’m starting right now will probably be no different, except that I want it to be a game changer. I want it to be a retreat, some kind of ‘me-time’ (God I hate people who use these words). I see it as a kind of self assessment: I’m 43, I’ve moved a bit, I’ve worked a lot, in some jobs I didn’t really want to do, it’s time to understand where I want to go for Part II. Could I really flick the switch and become a full time artist, part-time geek? Would I be able to challenge myself everyday, and push away the limits of my creativity? Or shall I just not be bothered and start another job, in another company, analysing more data just for the sake of it?

That’s what I need to find out. I’ve got 2 months.

Only 2 months.


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