It’s Gallery WeekEnd in Berlin! (1/2)

If you haven't heard of Gallery Weekend so far, don't worry, it's never too late to discover the really good stuff in life. Gallery weekend is, as it says on the tin, a week end where the most private art galleries of Berlin open their doors to the public. The opening was on Friday evening,... Continue Reading →

A day in the Skin(s) of Various & Gould.

I'm not going to insist more on that, Various & Gould are who I want to become when I'm a grown-up - if it ever happens. (See previous posts for more details). So when they invited us to participate to their new project 'City Skins', I couldn't have been happier: it would be huge, messy,... Continue Reading →

What A Start! (2/2)

If, when you hear the name ‘Berlin Art Institute’, you started to imagine a last century building carved in stones by the most talented architect, you got it wrong. It couldn’t be more industrial, with metal doors, concrete staircases and the colours varying from light grey to less light grey. In a small room, 3... Continue Reading →

What. A. Start! (1/2)

I know, I know, it's no good being over the moon on day 1, as you can only fall off. Can't help it! I spent quite some time yesterday finding my bearings. It sounds obvious, but knowing where the supermarket is, how and when the tubes/tram/buses operate, getting to know the places around takes a... Continue Reading →

April 26th, 5:10am

Taxi, train, plane, train and taxi. That's how it usually goes when you go travelling. It's some kind of rule, set in stone, and it's a rule I followed today. It's Wednesday 26th of April, it's 5:10 and I'm on step 2. There is another rule: every time you leave your home for longer than... Continue Reading →

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