15 things to do in Amsterdam: a Mural

Jewels: 15 things to do in Amsterdam - a visual map by Francois Domain


“Kitchen Roll” Abstracts?

I probably won't actually call the series 'Kitchen Roll Abstracts", but I thought it was giving a good idea of what I am trying to achieve with this new series: creating paintings with stuff you're not supposed to paint with. So I went through the studio and its surroundings and grabbed everything I could find.... Continue Reading →

New Studio, New Ideas!

3-2-1-Go! As you know, I have spent the last 2 weeks converting an old open space into a new creative hub... Or a least a cool studio, to get more stuff onto francoisdomain.com! My last two weeks in a blink of an eye: Cool or what? 😉 And to celebrate the new studio, new ideas... Continue Reading →

New studio? Yep, almost ready!

In between two coats of paint, I finally take some time to sit down and get something important done: updating you guys! Since the Berlin Residency is over, I didn't take much time to post, but I have a good(ish) reason for that: I have been looking for a new studio to complete the Resonance... Continue Reading →

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